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Senin, 15 Juni 2009


The development of the increasingly prominent with the development of perkonomian at this time a lot of competition in business in the world market at this time.
Many business that we can undergo the necessary intention and cooperation in the pro modalan life, because without the capital we can not run a business and business is in its later capture people, so what should we opponent in this business so that we can be reached easily . one thing that we must own Business is war should know that the borrower Organization Capital. I will provide solutions for the future brother, brother brother so that capital can be opened for business without capital.
One of the business without capital berinternet namely, why berinternet yes because the Internet business in the world we do not need capital, many of the world it provides information about the business without capital, I gave the example that is, a business with Google Adsense it is important that all have a brother sister Blog free and provide free Blogg Sales in order to free Blogg brother can get in on Google Adsense.
Now let us study about business opportunities in the world market. if you want to play with the Google Adsense money when you can ..
Now let us study the solution of many in the business world, from the capital without the capital to be able to mebuka a larger business. This business that there is never a death.
We start a business that started from something that small business that is around us, One of them is the business hantaran wedding, even this business can be carried out through the side while still another profession, provided the business with the hobby of building decoration. This business berprospek bright especially if the model can display the new model. Then hantaran services that most consumers choose?
Some of the things that we need to know are:
1. Investment: there are several options when it started business hantaran this service. From a home with a turnover between $ 200 / $ 300 up to tens of dollars in a month. If it is serious business and can distend earthen jar to hold water can be an earthen jar to hold water return. No need of capital if the business is a sideline and the home at around $ 500.
2. Trends: Business make hantaran trends tend to rely on in the design and material to entrap consumers. All of this we can of Nature, it is important that we want to work hard in the design of materials, so that the model is the model we can make in interest. There are also kencenderungan for practicality and efficiency of the design is made of material recycled materials that lead to the back to nature.
3. Marketing: business services hantaran not be affected too as a matter of location show room or gallery can be made at home and come directly peminat can see an example of the product in the splay. However, when possible, and business is large scale, it's business location is in the center and packaging hantaran parcel. Way at the beginning of the marketing effort should be through the virtual world as well as exhibitions. The owners of service hantaran can build your own website, which provides services, products and services provided. Another example is the adopted community participate wedding.
4. Competition: This business hantaran increasingly considering the potential for a great way to develop in the wedding business. When the business was big business usually include akan hantaran this service as part of wedding services to its business. Moreover, to make hantaran is not required large capital.
Hopefully hantaran is here you may be interested to start a business, you are interested in the products below, if you are interested in exploring can now:
How to Make Money seseran Frame:
1. Create a frame of wood with the size of 20x50cm.
2. Prepare the boards of plywood or cardboard to the inside of the layer in order to make money.
3. Prepare the money as much as $ 250 more money, which is a mixture of long years until the latest years.
4. Create a pattern for the money on the velvet cloth or paper asturo using flash paper.
5. The form of paper money according to taste, such as propeller or propeller triangle, so to combine with the metal fraction of the money placed in the middle of the image pattern as a sign of the date and year marriage with a paste of iron using glue and glue paper.
6. Rapatkan with glass frame and give to close the frame.
7. frame ready to put in the submit.

1.Modal early (1973) $ 20
2. Raw Material $ 200
Wood: $ 150
Tape: $ 5
Paper asturo: $ 15
Plastic gift: $ 15
Plastics press: $ 10
Isolation: $ 3
3. Oprasional cost $ 450
Salary: $ 200
Telephone: $ 15
A place to rent: $ 150
Transportation: $ 100
4.Omset $ 2050
5.Keuntungan net (70% of the turnover $ 1400
Hopefully this info into one field to open a business. You would like more information about this business you can contact: Gift Nain, Cikini Station (next to the stairs to the south Menteng Jakarta Pusat HP 081 585033716.
There are interested please contact, if I forget, I just write it through the Info Business Opportunities Magazine, so "for a continuance so that relatives can contact the information that can more quickly on this business. And also write this the price I use its dollar currency, so for details contact relatives No HP above.

How to Make Marriage Hantaran Box Size 45x50 cm.
1. Prepare the material hantaran form 2 pieces of cardboard the size of 70x70 cm, paper glue, plastic mika size 70x70 cm, the form of decoration ribbon, flowers and leaves daunan plastic.
2. Rekatkan 2 pieces of cardboard, and the form of a box without a cap.
3. So also with mica formed plastic box without closing the box with the size 45x50 cm
4. Plastic that has been mica surface in the box-shaped accents give a series of flowers, leaves Dan Piţa the paste in a corner on one of the mica with glue.
5. Mica in the box so I cover, while the paper in a pad so. Satukan both place and ready to be filled hantaran.
The Box Assumption Income per Month:
1. First Capital: $ 4050
2. Raw Material Cost: $ 640
- Paper carton: $ 300
- Board of timber: $ 300
- Hiasan: $ 100
- Glue: $ 50
3. Oprasional Cost: $ 650
- Employment: $ 600
- Transportation: $ 50
4. Turnover: $ 2900
5. Net profit: $ 600
More info brother can contact: The Box (Workshop & showroom)
Komp. No RSSP. 10 Cilandak Barat, South Jakarta 12430
Phone: 021 - 7669553
CP: 0816 197 604 (Irene), 0818692883 (tika)
Hopefully useful for brother sister, my suggestion for more information about the brothers can buy the business magazine Business Info in this magazine's sister's brother Business Info can be the most.

Brother brother to the capital can contact the address below I hope this works. more good brothers and sister can Contact SMART CLUB brother surely there can be a lot of information.


Form Aid : technical / consultancy, bursary, seminar, training, conference / lokakarta, research, journal, health, to resident of an, planning of family, governmental, LSM, education institute.
The Population Council represent institute of non-profit having its office center in New York, Federal America. Founded in the year 1952. Financing each;every activity obtained from institute aid and support institute International.

Furthermore Information to :

The Population Council
Building of Tifa, Suite 404 Jl. Brass West 26, jakarta 12710 phonecall. 5200494, 550094 fax. 5200232..


given Aid in the form of donation, technical aid / consultancy, equipments, courses, bursary, seminar, training, konperensi / workshop, technical cooperation, research, book, journal, brochure, environmental business, industry, agriculture, mining, environmental of job/activity, education, to resident of an, woman, child child, governmental, LSM, business / industrial.

Furthermore information to :


Jl. MH Thamrin 14 PO Box 1075 jakarta Center 10110, Telp. 3141308 fax ext.404. 3100766.

Organizational Hopefully this can assist you brother which wish capital in running business , brother you which wish furthermore information of capital tentan, you you also can contact SMART CLUB in your SMART CLUB is you can earn Information farther about Organization and capital giver of you or capital you can contact in E-Mail : .

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